Structurlam's CrossLam CLT, Glulam Plus, and Structurdek GLT are the perfect fit for any mass timber project.


Structurlam's disruptive technology has forever changed the rig mat, access mat, and crane mat industry.

Working with Structurlam to make sure that the mass timber structure was executed smoothly was great. The communication during the shop drawing process was very professional and collaborative, and they worked with us to make sure the design decisions were fully understood before they were constructed on site.

Designing with a mass timber structure made so much sense for this project! The structure came together like a puzzle, fast and simple with a fantastic, award winning outcome!

Jana Foit, Architect, AIBC

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CrossLam panels assembled despite freezing Canadian temperatures

February 8, 2017News

Despite freezing Canadian temperatures and blowing winds, work on a unique project involving Structurlam’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) CrossLam panels carries on in Southern Manitoba. Working outside in -36 degrees, the team from Design Built worked to assembling the Lot 5 Modern Farmhouse. The project is being constructed with 100% Structurlam CrossLam, built on a …

Latest Project

Brock Commons - August 3
Brock Commons - August 3

UBC Brock Commons

Vancouver, BCEducational

UBC Brock Commons is the tallest wood structure in the world. It is an 18-storey hybrid building construction of Glulam Plus columns and CrosslamCLT panels. Opening in 2017, it will house 404 students at the University of British Columbia.

Our world-class reputation is a result of more than 50 years of innovation and quality. We approach every project with a passion for using mass timber for both its strength and its beauty. Our passion has resulted in more award-winning structures than any other manufacturer in North America.