What Our Customers Are Saying

Structurlam proposed and executed an alternative design for [our] Glulam roof that resulted in significant cost savings and simplified the shipping and storage requirements.

David Edmunds, Partner
GEC Architecture
Calgary & Edmonton, AB

... Structurlam as a company, certainly worked diligently to ensure the end product was what it should be. Structurlam’s actions and attention speak volumes to the positive core values of the company.

Glenn Roethlingshoefer, M.Arch, MRAIC
Stantec Architecture

Regarding the Penticton Lake Resort Project, the Structurlam team has been an instrumental part of the design and construction team bringing this project to fruition. Their staff on the engineering, detailing, fabrication, and erection side have provided a high level of expertise and professionalism during all levels of the design stage to create something special. Their team has gone beyond my expectations and has been a complete pleasure to work with on this special project.

Grant Newfield

We have enjoyed working with Structurlam on [multiple] projects because the company brings some unique assets and approaches. With Structurlam’s rigorous process, combined with their world class technology, we receive a high‐quality and extremely accurate heavy‐timber pre‐fabricated package. When the products arrive on site, we have confidence that the erection will go smoothly.

Jackie M. Trach, Construction Manager
PCL Construction Westcoast Inc.
Richmond, BC

Working with Structurlam to make sure that the mass timber structure was executed smoothly was great. The communication during the shop drawing process was very professional and collaborative, and they worked with us to make sure the design decisions were fully understood before they were constructed on site.

Designing with a mass timber structure made so much sense for this project! The structure came together like a puzzle, fast and simple with a fantastic, award winning outcome!

Jana Foit, Architect

Structurlam Products has supplied structural timber packages for several buildings at Okanagan College, including the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Penticton and the Trades Building in Kelowna. We have consistently been very pleased with their products and their people.

Jim Hamilton, President
Okanagan College
Kelowna, BC

We were able to maintain an impressive pace and Structurlam was a big part of that as the provider of the CLT panels. They made sure that everything was CNC milled to exact precision so that we would be able move at the speed we did.

For the CLT panels, we had just six people doing an install of a 10,000-square foot floor plate in only five and a half hours. It was a completely simple install.

Additionally, we needed all of the trades to work together, in tandem, not one of them could get ahead of another. They had to be able to move as a unit, so that every three days we were able to cycle a floor. Without that, if one of them got out of sequence, nothing would have worked.

Karla Fraser, Senior Project Manager
Urban One
Vancouver, BC

Structurlam produced the panels with their software, based off of virtual modeling provided to them, which led to extreme precision on the site. The building is within a 5mm tolerance overall, over 18 floors. Each component itself was a 2mm to 3mm tolerance, which is pretty incredible considering the size of the panels. To be working within these millimeters, it’s a very impressive thing to see.

Karla Fraser, Senior Project Manager
Urban One
Vancouver, BC

Structurlam Products has provided wire brushed glue laminated posts and beams on most of our projects over the last ten years. [Structurlam was] very good at always laying out the right pricing and timing delivery so that the final finished product was of the highest of standards.

Paul Nesbitt
Nesbitt Originals Ltd.

Structurlam was contracted to complete the Glulam Supply scope of work for [the Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility and Boardwalk project] by PCL. The project was challenging and required in-depth cooperation from the various trade contractors involved. Structurlam was very professional in their conduct on the project and demonstrated a willingness to work with the team, develop detailed models, provide innovative solutions and respond to the needs of the project. Structurlam's preparedness to do what it takes was a definite factor in the successful achievement of the milestone turnovers for the projects.

PCL Construction Management
Calgary, AB

Structurlam supplied the glulam and Crosslam CLT [for UBC Brock Commons] and we were the mass timber installers. As the world’s tallest wood structure, the world’s eyes were on us and as the installer we knew that our installation success depended on three things: precision fabrication; coordinated installation sequencing and truck loading; and critical on time deliveries.

Structurlam delivered on all three criteria with flying colours and the installations ran like clockwork...

Ralph Austin, President
Seagate Structures Ltd
Langley, BC

Working with Structurlam on the UBC Brock Commons project was an absolute joy. Their attention to detail with respect to complex machining tolerances and logistics made for a very smooth procurement process. The staff was always available, providing invaluable manufacturing design assist information.

Robert Jackson, Structural Project Engineer for the Brock Commons Phase 1 Building
Fast + Epp

Structurlam made the process of designing and building with CLT less mysterious and more quantifiable than other experiences we have had with new building products. We are very pleased with the results!

Tim McLennan, Architect

I just wanted to write and let you know our beams are installed and beautiful, your precision on material of this size and bracket work is phenomenal... It made the installation quick and easy.

Victor Banaszak
VRB Construction, LLC