Structurlam has built a reputation for delivering the finest laminated beams available in terms of structural performance and aesthetic appeal. Customers around the world love the product and they will go to great lengths to ensure their project includes Structurlam beams exclusively.

Part of our secret in producing such beautiful beams is our raw material – we use only the best fibre, grown in sustainably-managed forests. Most of our beams are manufactured from Douglas-fir grown in the ‘Kootenay’ region of British Columbia. The Kootenays are a unique ecosystem called the ‘interior wetbelt’ where hot summers follow cool, wet winters. It’s this mix of coastal rainforest attributes with warm interior air that produces Douglas-fir of unparalleled quality. The timber is harvested from only certified sustainably-managed forests and the logs are milled with care into lumber by the Kalesnikoff Lumber Company – a third generation family-owned company that is renown for their quality wood products.

The lumber is rigorously graded, and only the finest dimension lumber makes ‘lamstock’ grade. Because of the strength and defect requirements, lamstock is a very difficult grade to achieve. In fact, less than 50% of lumber graded as lamstock at the sawmill actually makes lamstock after drying and planing! It takes many years to perfect a lamstock program and Kalesnikoff has no equal.

In addition to Kootenay Douglas-fir, Structurlam is also certified to fabricate glue-laminated beams from Yellow-cedar, Lodgepole pine, Englemann spruce, and Sitka spruce.

In addition to manufacturing glulam, Structurlam also fabricates heavy timber projects using solid sawn timber and Parallam®. We source our timbers from only quality suppliers, at the grade specified. We will arrange for kiln-drying if requested (highly recommended). With respect to Parallam®, Structurlam is one of only two 'Certified Parallam® Fabricators' in North America. This special designation allows us to laminate Parallam® and source an ‘architectural grade’ from Weyerhaeuser. This material is aesthetically superior to the regular Parallam® sold in building supply outlets and greatly enhances the beauty of a Parallam® heavy timber building. Structurlam is also unique in offering Parallam® arches.

Regardless of the species and product, our fibre comes exclusively from sustainably-managed timberlands.