From Design to Installation -
The Structurlam Process (The SPL Process)

It is no simple task to bring a design to life using wood, especially with today’s designs of ever-increasing beauty and complexity. You need to have the right people, the right technology, and the right fibre. You will also need a process to bring it all together. Over the past 45 years, Structurlam has developed an efficient process to deliver heavy timber packages of the highest quality that meet project deadlines. We can work with your drawings after the design is complete. We can bring greater value and savings to a project if we are brought in early in the process - typically at the budget stage. We understand heavy timber construction, including glulam, solid sawn or Parallam®. This knowledge, coupled with our manufacturing capabilities, allows us to make design suggestions that will add value to your project by reducing manufacturing and/or assembly costs.

Once Structurlam receives your final drawings, we use these plans to develop a 3D model of the project. We will use this model to design the wood members and steel connectors. We also use the model to identify where additional efficiencies could be realized.

The shop drawings for fabricating both the wood members and the steel connectors are then created from the 3D model. The digital file is downloaded directly to our CNC machines for fabrication ensuring precise measurements. Finally, we use the model to develop a material list for efficient purchasing, loading diagrams to optimize freight and assembly drawings for efficient and safe on-site erection.

Structurlam’s process combines the expertise of our people with sophisticated timber design technology to ensure accurate fabrication where every piece is a perfect fit and no detail is missed. The end result is a building with optimized structural performance, rapid assembly and superior aesthetic appeal.