Quality Control

Structurlam is a member of various professional associations and all of our products are certified to industry standards. We adhere to these strict standards to make the development, manufacturing and supply of our products more efficient, safer, cleaner and safeguard our customers. Being a member of the following organizations allows us to share technological advances and good management practice.

APA-EWA - American Plywood Association – The Engineered Wood Association
APA completes the inspection of our plants and the testing of our glue laminated products. Through this process, APA provides Structurlam with its certifications for CSA, ANSI/AITC and JAS.
JAS - Japanese Agricultural Standard
Structurlam was the first glulam manufacturer in Canada to receive the JAS certification for structural laminated timber. We are certified for small, medium and large dimension glulam. This certfication is issued and continuously monitored by the APA who also provide the third party inspections.
FSC - Forest Stewardship Council
Under FSC certification, fibre from certified forests is tracked all the way to the consumer through the chain of custody certification system. FSC certification is voluntary and Structurlam is proud to have achieved FSC status.
  CSA – Canadian Standards Association
Structurlam is certified under CSA 0177-M89 and CSA 0122-M89 through APA and monitored and inspected by APA to ensure standards are being met.
  ANSI - American National Standards Institute
Structurlam is certified under ANSI A190.1 Structural Glue Laminated Timber also through APA.