Seattle, WA

Structurlam is having a significant impact on the mass timber industry in Washington State. We continue to set the bar for quality and innovation, continuing to drive the ever-increasing growth of timber construction in the Washington region. Structurlam has manufactured award-winning structures in Washington while helping to regenerate the local timber industry. Our passion for mass timber has resulted in more award-winning structures than any other manufacturer in North America.

The next big evolution in construction in the United States, mass timber has proven to have enormous positive economic and environmental potential. One of Structurlam’s first mass timber structures to be built in Seattle, the Zangari Residence, is a true testament to these potentials. In total, 67 prefabricated CrossLam CLT panels were delivered and installed within in 12 days to build the residence.

Washington is making huge strides in embracing mass timbers products across the state. Recent legislation was signed pushing for the building code council to adopt rules for mass timber construction across the state.



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