Structurlam's CrossLam CLT, Glulam Plus, and Structurdek GLT are the perfect fit for any mass timber project.


Structurlam's disruptive technology has forever changed the rig mat, access mat, and crane mat industry.

Structurlam in Portland, Oregon

Mass Timber is changing the way we build in Portland, and around the world.

The next big evolution in construction in the United States, mass timber has proven to have enormously positive economic and environmental potential. Portland is currently home to the tallest mass timber structure in the United States- Carbon12. Assembled from prefabricated Structurlam GlulamPlus beams and columns, and CrossLam CLT panels, Portland is leading the mass timber evolution in the United States.

Structurlam is having a significant impact on the mass timber industry in Portland, Oregon. We continue to set the bar for quality and innovation, continuing to drive the ever-increasing growth of timber construction in the Portland region. Structurlam has manufactured award-winning structures in Portland while helping to regenerate Oregon’s local timber industry.

Working with Structurlam on the UBC Brock Commons project was an absolute joy. Their attention to detail with respect to complex machining tolerances and logistics made for a very smooth procurement process.

Robert Jackson, Structural Project Engineer for the Brock Commons Phase 1 Building, Fast + Epp, Vancouver, BC

What's New?!

C12 kitchen jpg
C12 kitchen jpg

Carbon12: Building for the Future

July 19, 2018Mass Timber Champions, News

“If we can make a change into something that is sequestering carbon in the built environment, this is an enormous opportunity.” -Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal/ Kaiser Group Inc and PATH Architecture Located in Portland, Oregon, Carbon12 is a groundbreaking mass timber project. Currently the tallest mass timber structure in the United States, the eight-storey …

Latest Project


PDX Flatiron

Portland, ORUnder Construction

The PDX Flatiron building is a timber-framed mixed-use building on the bustling North Mississippi Avenue in Portland.  The five stories of 28,000 square feet will serve as open loft space with Oregon-made glulam frame and Structurlam CrossLam floor deck.

Our world-class reputation is a result of more than 50 years of innovation and quality. We approach every project with a passion for using mass timber for both its strength and its beauty. Our passion has resulted in more award-winning structures than any other manufacturer in North America.