Depending on the shipping requirements of your project, the entire package, steel and hardware, is individually wrapped, labeled and delivered to the construction site, ready to assemble. Structurlam ensures beams are protected from moisture, soiling and surface scratches during transit and job site storage. Each beam is carefully wrapped with material specifically designed to protect it from the elements. In projects where appearance is especially important, we encourage project managers to ensure wrapping is left intact until after installation, to minimize exposure to jobsite conditions. 

Structurlam’s products should be unloaded using lifting equipment with padded slings. It’s best to ensure adequate blocking at all beam edges to protect corners and edges. 

Ideally our products should not be stored on site. Timing of shipping should coincide with the start of installation but we realize situations do arise. If you must store your beams on the construction site, please ensure they are in a level, well drained, covered area. Beams must be kept off the ground using lumber blocking or skids. DO NOT remove the wrapping as it will help to protect against moisture, soiling, sunlight and scratches. You can however cut slits in the bottom of the wrapping to allow ventilation and drainage of any trapped moisture.