Structurlam's CrossLam CLT, Glulam Plus, and Structurdek GLT are the perfect fit for any mass timber project.


Structurlam's disruptive technology has forever changed the rig mat, access mat, and crane mat industry.

Structurlam In North America

A revolution is underway in the global building industry, and Structurlam is excited to be a part of it.

Structurlam is having a significant impact on the mass timber industry, changing the way we build across North America. We continue to set the bar for quality and innovation, continuing to drive the ever-increasing growth of timber construction across the continent.

Structurlam has manufactured some of North America’s award-winning structures, including Brock Commons: Tallwood House at the University of British Columbia, and the Carbon12 residential building in Portland, Oregon. Our passion for mass timber has resulted in more award-winning structures than any other manufacturer in North America.

The Structurlam team has been an instrumental part of the design and construction team bringing this project to fruition. Their team has gone beyond my expectations.

Grant Newfield, BSc, MEng, P.Eng., Struct.Eng. | Principal, RJC, Vancouver, BC

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Lakeside resort night shot
Lakeside resort night shot

Penticton Lakeside Resort

Penticton, BCCommercial

The Penticton Lakeside Resort expanded its facilities with a six-story building, adding 70 units to the lakeside property. Structurlam provided the cross-laminated timber, used in the all-wood construction of the building.

Our world-class reputation is a result of more than 50 years of innovation and quality. We approach every project with a passion for using mass timber for both its strength and its beauty. Our passion has resulted in more award-winning structures than any other manufacturer in North America.

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