About Us

Structurlam has built a reputation for quality and innovation that has set the bar for mass timber manufacturers across North America. What started as a family owned operation quickly evolved into the leader in mass timber structures.

In 2007, The Adera Group took over ownership of the company and Structurlam embarked on a path of rapid expansion. A new manufacturing facility was purchased in 2008 that nearly tripled the glulam capacity. Following this, the first CLT plant in North America opened in 2011.


Our in-house experts know the value that building with mass timber brings. From sustainability to practicality, the potential of mass timber solutions is limitless. Learn more about the benefits of mass timber solutions for your next project.

We are proud of our history and our employees, many of whom have spent their entire working careers at Structurlam. It is their dedication and expertise that has brought Structurlam recognition around the world for our quality mass timber products and our ability to fabricate the most complex designs. We look forward to the next fifty years as the world continues to recognize and embrace mass timber and the benefits of building with wood.

Structurlam works closely with customers to create complete mass timber packages that include connection details, and project design, engineering and installation. We approach every mass timber project with a passion for wood for both its strength and its beauty. This passion has resulted in more award-winning structures than any other manufacturer in North America.

Our experts are dedicated to creating the perfect mass timber solutions for all customers.