Environmental Policy

At Structurlam, we are committed to being stewards of our lands and forests, and to using them in a responsible manner. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint and apply philosophy of sustainability to both our products and our manufacturing process.

To achieve our environmental goals, Structurlam will:

  • Promote the use of wood as a renewable and sustainable material
  • Use only raw material harvested from certified, sustainably-managed forests
  • Continually measure and mitigate the environmental impacts of our manufacturing process
  • Meet or exceed all environmental regulations regarding waste material
  • Utilize waste fiber as biofuel
  • Incorporate environmental concerns in our product development

Our products are manufactured to achieve Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) www.forests.org or Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification, and all of our products are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliant. Both of these characteristics are highly valued by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) and other green building systems.


About the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Inc.

SFI’s mission is to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaboration, and they share our vision of a world that values and benefits from sustainably managed forests. They oversee the SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program and the SFI Forest Partners® Program, which brings landowners and brand owners together to provide supply chain assurances, including the use of forest certification standards.

SFI works collaboratively with the forest sector, conservation groups, resource professionals, landowners, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, government agencies, universities, educators and youth to ensure healthy forests, responsible purchasing and sustainable communities.

Structurlam was the first CLT manufacturer in Canada to be certified to the SFI Chain of Custody Standard.

Learn more about our Sustainable Forestry Policy

Our Partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council

FSC works to help forests protect animal habitat, indigenous peoples’ rights, worker’s rights, and areas of significant environmental or cultural importance.

FSC monitors the entire supply chain for best practice standards to ensure that the timber that leaves an FSC-certified forest is just as environmentally responsible once it enters the marketplace. So, when you see that a product bears the FSC logo, you can be sure it’s been made from trustworthy sources. This is how FSC certification helps forests thrive for generations to come.

Structurlam has been certified to both the Controlled Wood Standard and Mixed Credit Standard. Having these dual certifications allows us access to a larger, more diverse range of FSC certified softwood lumber products than most companies in the mass timber industry.

Learn more about our commitment to the FSC values.