Environmental Policy

We are committed to promoting a clean environment and minimizing our environmental footprint. We apply this philosophy to both our mass timber products and our manufacturing processes.

Structurlam will:

  • Promote the use of wood as a renewable and sustainable building material
  • Use only raw material from timber harvested from certified sustainably managed timberlands
  • Measure and mitigate the environmental impacts of our manufacturing process
  • Meet or exceed all environmental regulations regarding waste material
  • Utilize waste fibre as biofuel
  • Incorporate environmental aspects in our product development

When required, our products are manufactured with FSC certification. In addition, all of our products are engineered with low VOC, exterior grade adhesives which contain no added urea-formaldehyde. Both of these characteristics are valued by LEED® and other green building systems.

Learn more about our commitment to the FSC values.