The Structurlam Process

Structurlam is more than a fabricator of the highest quality engineered wood products. Through our interactions with outside architects and engineers, and our projects, we operate at the frontlines of innovation in mass timber design, engineering, 3D modeling, and production machining. One of the biggest benefits of a mass timber building as compared to other types of structures is the ability to prefabricate the entire project. This saves precious time and money on-site as the installation process becomes more efficient.

Since the 1990s, Structurlam has leveraged state-of-the-art 3D modeling software to virtually construct each building before it is produced. Our team begins with the two dimensional drawings and creates a 3D model. This model includes all components: glulam, CrossLam® CLT, steel connections and associated hardware. By building the project virtually first, potential problems can be found by our highly trained detailers. This stage often takes three times longer than the actual time to produce the components and the construction team needs to be aware of this up front. By doing the hard work in the model first, the site runs smoothly.

Depending on customer needs and preferences, Structurlam can provide cutting edge heavy timber structural engineering services, through well respected, award winning engineering firms. If such services are not required, based on decades of experience and expertise as a high quality engineered wood product manufacturer, Structurlam is able to provide input on the engineered wood product design which can reduce costs, avoid design inconsistencies, and facilitate installation.

Once the design work is complete, the model is used to create manufacturing lists for CrossLam® CLT and glulam. Shop drawings for panels and steel connectors are generated from the 3D model and digital files are sent to our CNC machines for fabrication. Finally, our 3D model is used to develop a material list for efficient purchasing of steel and hardware components. Loading diagrams are then created to optimize freight and assembly drawings are produced to provide instruction for quick and efficient erection.

Design teams that leverage our fabrication services get aesthetically appealing buildings with optimized structural performance and rapid assembly; where every piece fits and no detail is missed. Because mass timber structures are relatively new, many of our first time customers come to us with a concrete building already designed and ask us to offer an option in CrossLam® CLT. While this is possible, it is always better to design with the structural system of choice. With CrossLam® CLT, optimum sizes are 2.4 m x 12.19 m and 3 m x 12.19 m. This is the best way to ensure an efficient design, optimal panel spans and layout, and the most cost effective structure.

Structurlam brings cohesion and coordination to project teams, facilitating success from design to installation.