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We are always on the lookout for like-minded people to join the Structurlam team. Our associates believe that good work is found through the proper exercise of their signature strengths, and strive to connect their world view to their respective life view. They have strong moral principles, are intrinsically motivated, with an exceptional capacity to think quickly on their feet. Meet some of our associates below:


Hardy Wentzel


Michael Darby


Marlene Higgins

SVP Human Resources

Greg Johnston

SVP Manufacturing & Operations

Tyler Harris

VP, BC Manufacturing & Operations

Paul Sehn

SVP Sales & Marketing

John Kostaras

VP Sales Construction West

Paul Drace

VP Sales Construction East & Industrial North America
Our built environment reflects our communities. Therefore, it’s imperative that the people who create these spaces represent all those who live in them. The Mass Timber construction industry has the unique ability to provide progressive and sustainable solutions to this challenge.
Orlagh McHugh, Mass Timber Specialist

Mass Timber Specialists

Calum Dodson

Mass Timber Specialist, Northeast, Great Lakes & North Central America

Jon Potter

Mass Timber Specialist, Pacific Northwest

Kris Spickler

Mass Timber Specialist, Southwest

Orlagh McHugh
B.Sc, M.Eng.

Mass Timber Specialist, Western Canada

Ron McDougall

Mass Timber Specialist, Western and Eastern Canada

Alex Zelaya

Mass Timber Specialist, Southwest

Nick Waryasz
PE, M.Eng. 

Mass Timber Specialist, South, South Central & Mid-America
I believe creating beautiful spaces that are functional positively impacts communities beyond simply providing buildings for shelter. It is an exciting time to be a woman in this field, since we are a growing minority and provide a unique narrative on how the industry can shape itself!
Alese Ashuckian, Mass Timber Specialist