CrossLam® CLT

CrossLam® CLT is a multi-layer, mass timber product spanning two directions with precise accuracy, resulting in a secure, airtight building solution for any floor, wall, roof or core.

Serving as a significantly lighter replacement for concrete, CrossLam® CLT is carbon negative and uses wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests. CrossLam® CLT opens the door to a new, ecological way to construct mass timber buildings of the twenty-first century.

CrossLam® CLT Advantages

  • North American code approved
  • Superior wood fiber and appearance
  • CNC fabricated to exacting tolerances
  • Delivered in coordinated sequence
  • Connecting hardware included
  • All required holes, daps, slots, counterbores and chamfers included
  • Rigorous quality control process
  • BIM modeling options


Download the US Guide or the Canadian Guide here.