StructurDek GLT


StructurDek GLT is a roof and flooring mass timber solution used in horizontal applications. Manufactured with either SPF or Douglas-fir, StructurDek GLT’s strength, durability, and pace of construction make it an ideal building material for specific applications.

StructurDek GLT is not a certified product but is manufactured in a CSA/APA certified glulam facility with the same standards as our other mass timber products. Pound per pound, StructurDek GLT is stronger than steel and is perfect for those projects that are simple in design and do not require multidirectional spans.

  • Suitable for floors & roofs
  • Suitable for single spans
  • Has moderate dimensional stability
  • Is manufactured with a water-proof adhesive
  • Offers a contemporary or rustic appearance
  • Qualifies in the Building Code under Heavy Timber

View the StructurDEK GLT guide for more information.

The Structurlam Advantage

Structurlam is more than a fabricator of the highest quality engineered wood products. We operate at the front lines of innovation in mass timber design, engineering, 3D modeling, and production machining. One of the biggest benefits with a mass timber building as compared to other types of structures is the ability to prefabricate the entire project. This saves precious time and money on-site because the installation process becomes more efficient. Since the 1990s, Structurlam has been leveraging state-of-the-art 3D modelling software to virtually construct each building before it is produced.

Prefabrication: CrossLam® CLT is manufactured with CNC machines in a factory environment where close tolerances and rigorous quality control are easily achieved

Standardized Sizing: Building efficiencies are achieved when the project is designed from the beginning with standard CrossLam® CLT panel sizes

Structural Strength + Stability: The CrossLam® CLT system is structurally comparable to steel and concrete but lighter

Cost Efficiency: Cost efficiencies are achieved through the combination of material and installation costs, and the associated benefits of using a prefabricated system that is structural and architectural

Reduced Construction Time: In comparison to concrete structures, CrossLam® CLT projects are installed in a shorter period of time due to the nature of prefabrication and dry materials

Light Environmental Impact: CrossLam® CLT stores carbon and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture. The wood fibre used in CrossLam® CLT is traceable from certified forests to the consumer

Code Acceptance: In Canada, CLT is now part of the Supplement to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC)

Standards: CrossLam® CLT is certified to meet the requirements of the Standard for Performance-Rated CLT ANSI/APA PRG 320 and the APA Product Report PR-L314

StructurDek GLT is stronger than steel, pound per pound, and is perfect for those projects that are simple in design and do not require multidirectional spans.