Engineering & Connections

Structurlam offers design advice to project EORs to enhance their current design. With engineering partnership teams Structurlam also has the capability to provide fully designed and stamped structural drawings to reduce project risk and enable design efficiencies.

When engaged in Design partnership agreements Structurlam offers engineering services that are creative, cost effective and committed to the development of architecturally integrated detailing. Our goal is to find mass timber solutions to meet function and aesthetic needs of any project in a practical and economical manner.

Glulam Beam and CLT Connectors

Whether traditional or innovative, our connectors are what set us apart from any other mass timber manufacturer. What may appear to be a simple connection on the outside, houses a complex and strong connection inside. All Structurlam packages include the connecting steel and hardware necessary to complete the project. These steel connectors are trial-fit with the wood members in our plant, ensuring a fast, accurate assembly at the job site.