The Structurlam Advantage

For 60 years, our experience as a world-renowned fabricator of complex structural timber components has given us the deep knowledge and expertise to create beautifully designed systems of the highest quality. Our work process is designed to ensure 100% accountability through every step of your project, including:

Mass Timber Design Support

Our Mass Timber Specialists, supported by our internal customer and technical services teams, have amassed the experience of every project we have supplied. As a resource to your project design team, we will share our best practices with you to deliver the most cost-effective and creative solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of U.S. and Canadian building codes, as well as your own high expectations.


Our estimators and senior designers possess deep knowledge of mass timber design and engineering, including hardware and connections to provide you with accurate and timely SD-, DD- and CD-level budgets and quotations for your project.

Project Management

A dedicated project manager guides each Structurlam project through design, fabrication, delivery and installation, providing each customer with a single point of contact and the utmost in customer service.

Lumber Procurement

Through our strategic supply relationships, Structurlam has dedicated personnel to procure a wide range of commodity lumber and raw materials, as well as the related steel and system accessories, to protect against raw material price volatility. This mitigates the risk of price escalation for projects that have deferred production windows or prolonged production cycles.


Structurlam is a fully certified FSC® manufacturer of mass timber building products and is committed to achieving the highest standards of sustainable construction requirements. Our mass timber building products can be supplied with SFI® and FSC certification.

Detail and 3D Modeling

Following the design process, our fabrication design team will create an exact 3D model of your project including all mass timber components with all steel and hardware connectors, right down to every nut, bolt and screw, including vital details such as holes, daps, slots, counter-bores and chamfers. This process allows us to envision potential construction issues long before arriving on the job site. Individual component shop drawings are then produced with exacting specifications.


From the 3D model, data is transferred electronically, directly to our state-of-the-art CNC fabrication machinery where components are reproduced to extreme precision (less than 1/8 inch). No other manufacturer in North America can match our quality and precision on CLT and glulam building products.

Quality and Application Assurance

Structurlam maintains a rigorous Quality and Application Assurance program that meets or exceeds the standards set forth in the North American model building codes, throughout our process. Third-party inspected and verified, Structurlam delivers defect-free quality, the first time.

Codes and Standards Compliant

Structurlam CrossLam® CLT and GlulamPLUS® beams and columns meet the requirements set forth in the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) and National Design Specification (NDS) for Cross Laminated and Glued Laminated Timber and are manufactured in accordance with ANSI PRG 320-2019 Standard for Performance Rated Cross Laminated Timber and ANSI A190.1 – 2017 Standard for Wood Products – Structural Glued Laminated Timber.

Options – Adhesives, Finishes and Coatings

We offer a variety of options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your GlulamPLUS® beams and columns, including two adhesives, three smooth finishes, three rustic finishes and a wide array of factory-applied coatings.

Packaging and Delivery

Secure arrival to the job site is the cornerstone of our delivery system. Depending on the job requirements, we factory install connectors and test-fit pieces to ensure smooth on-site assembly. GlulamPLUS® beams and columns are individually wrapped and sealed, corners are protected and additional packaging such as plywood sheathing is added when necessary.

Coordinated Installation

Structurlam’s experienced project management team will coordinate with the project installers to ensure safe and efficient on-site installation. The result is a building with optimized structural performance, rapid assembly and superior aesthetic appeal.

The Structurlam Brand Promise

When you choose Structurlam, you have the assurance you’ll be working with:

  • The North American industry leader in mass timber construction. Structurlam proudly supports and is certified to all North American building codes and manufacturing standards.
  • A partner in your design. Structurlam utilizes 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM), including the design and specification of all related steel connections and hardware. We detail your vision down to the last screw, nut and bolt.
  • A partner with your project. Structurlam plans the delivery of every component to maximize your construction schedule, right down to how each member is loaded on every truck
  • A fully integrated supplier. We supply CrossLam® CLT and GlulamPLUS® beams and columns mass timber building products, as well as custom steel connectors and related hardware.
  • A steward of the environment. Structurlam uses wood that is sustainably harvested, including SFI and FSC chain-of-custody certified. Certificates for your project are available upon request.