The GlulamPLUS® Advantage

Our beams and columns are exceptional for many reasons, including the type of wood we use. GlulamPLUS® is made with interior Douglas-fir rather than coastal varieties, providing a deep, rich color. From there, we use a clear adhesive between layers so that the wood’s natural beauty is not interrupted by dark lines of glue.

These are features you’ll find in every grade we offer, guaranteeing a level of consistency throughout your project.

For our Quality appearance grade, we take things a step further. We inspect for and fill broken knots, slivers, torn grains and checks. Wane, pitch pockets, loose knots, knot holes and voids on exposed surfaces are replaced by wood inserts or non-shrinking, waterproof filling material. It’s not required, but with products this beautiful, the extra steps make all the difference.

  • GlulamPLUS® beams and columns exposed face surfaces are sanded smooth to 80 grit (Commercial and Quality only).
  • Structurlam uses epoxy putty for correcting larger voids to ensure adhesion.
  • For a staggered multi-piece lamination layup, a full-length wood spline insert is applied on the visible face to cover gaps of the adjacent boards (Commercial and Quality only, beams wider than 10 1/2ʺ or 267 mm).
  • GlulamPLUS® beams and columns are coated with a factory-applied temporary light-bodied sealer that provides some protection to the finished surface during shipping and through the construction phase.
  • For additional information on appearance classifications, refer to CSA O122.