Structurlam’s revolutionary line of access, crane, and industrial rig mats are used for roads, platforms and other areas with sensitive terrain in the oil and gas, pipeline and transmission industries. Built with CrossLam CLT technology, these mats use structural adhesive rather than bolts and are built with a strong and solid surface to withstand the heaviest equipment. The solid top means no mud is absorbed and trip hazards are significantly reduced.

The Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) engineering behind our mats results in a timber matting option that is lighter than traditional mats and able to endure thousands of pounds of abuse with no damage. Every shipment of our CLT mats saves you money.

The benefits of CrossLam® CLT construction mats far outweigh those of traditional mats:

  • Lightweight and easy to ship
  • Cost effective
  • No bolts on the main face
  • Perform well in extreme conditions
  • Twice as many mats loaded per truck
  • Mats do not diamond or deform if mishandled
  • No trip hazards
  • Reduction in tire damage

CrossLam®CLT mats are manufactured with ZERO toxic emissions at any stage of the life cycle. The manufacturing process and the laminating of layers in crosswise directions reduce wood expansion and shrinkage to insignificant levels and allow for a consistent stability throughout the lifecycle of the mat. Timber mats are tested in accordance with current APA testing and far exceed anything that the industry currently provides:

  • Full destruction testing is done weekly
  • Tested to extremes of climactic conditions
  • Oven baking
  • Pressurized boil in water tests that simulate long life spans
  • Cyclical shear and bending testing for strength and structural properties

Cleaning & Phytosanitary Aspects of CrossLam® CLT

When it comes to phytosanitary certification and cleaning, our timber mats are in a league of their own:

  • All lumber sourced from BC and Alberta. No cross border contaminants.
  • All inbound lumber is kiln dried and heat treated meaning no bugs of any kind.
  • Solid surface makes it easy to clean on site (hydraulic broom or pressure wash).

Structurlam’s CrossLam® mats offer a Phytosanitary Certificate. This certification is an official document issued by the plant protection organization of the exporting country to the plant protection organization of the importing country. The issuance of Phytosanitary Certificates achieves three major objectives:

  • It confirms that the plants, plant products or other regulated articles in the shipment covered by the certificate do not pose an undue risk of introducing quarantine pests from the exporting country into the importing country
  • It informs the plant protection organization of the importing country that the shipment meets its phytosanitary import requirements at the time that the shipment leaves Canada
  • It facilitates the trade of plants, plant products and other regulated articles between countries

Structurlam's access mats offer an interlocking road system designed and manufactured with CrossLam CLT technology. They provide a solid foundation for any rig or off-road site allowing your crew to access the site in any season.


Structurlam's crane mats have double the square footage and lower handling costs than a truck load of traditional crane mats. They allow the crane to be driven right into position and moved around the construction site.


This next generation of rig mats offer increases in strength and reduces the life-cycle cost of rig mats. They solve the challenges faced when moving walking rigs and ensuring safe working pads. Our rig mats are the only timber mats that can offer load ratings that are equal to the requirements of today’s drilling operations.


Our temporary CrossLam® CLT bridge solutions are easy to set up and are engineered to withstand high weights and constant traffic.