Crane Mats

Structurlam crane mats save you money on every truck load. At sixty-four 20ft mats per Tridem, our crane mats have double the square footage and lower handling costs than a truck load of traditional crane mats.

Our crane mats:

  • Are 8’ wide and have double the square footage than traditional mats
  • Require less handling and moving of mats – you get more square footage with wider mats
  • Have no trip hazards, helping to increase safety and decrease injuries
  • Have no bolts, reducing tire damage
  • Can include notched ends or cable loops to allow for easy lifting
  • Perform well in extreme conditions

CrossLam® CLT technology allows for weight bearing up to 425psi over ideal soil conditions. Our timber crane mats allow cranes to be driven right into position and moved around the construction site. Structurlam will custom build crane mats to any specified size to meet the requirements of a specific site.

SizeThicknessWeightMats Per Tridem TruckTotal Coverage Per Tridem TruckMats Per Super B TruckTotal Coverage Per Super B Truck
CrossLam® Crane Mat7’ 10 ½” x 20’7"2756 lbs233680 sq.ft345440 sq.ft
Traditional Bolted Crane Mat4’ x 20’12"3072 lbs201600 sq.ft302400 sq.ft

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