Rig Mat Cores

CrossLam® CLT rig mat core is the next generation of rig mats. Using CLT panels, the internal steel system required for 3 / 4 beam mats is replaced or greatly reduced. CrossLam® CLT core offers substantial increases in strength and reduces the life-cycle cost of rig mats due to its strength-to-weight ratio advantages. CrossLam® CLT solves the challenges faced when moving walking rigs and ensuring safe working pads. Our rig mat core is the only timber mat that can offer load ratings that are equal to the requirements of today’s drilling operations.

A 4” CLT rig mat replaces a 6” conventional rig mat and provides 50% less weight and 25% more product per truckload.

Structurlam can supply a CrossLam® CLT core for your own rig mat designs. Contact us for more information.

Working with Structurlam to make sure that the mass timber structure was executed smoothly was great. The communication during the shop drawing process was very professional and collaborative.

Jana Foit, Architect
Vancouver, BC

The Structurlam team has been an instrumental part of the design and construction team bringing this project to fruition. Their team has gone beyond my expectations.

Grant Newfield, BSc, MEng, P.Eng., Struct.Eng. | Principal
Vancouver, BC

Structurlam as a company, certainly worked diligently to ensure the end product was what it should be. Structurlam’s actions and attention speak volumes to the positive core values of the company.

Glenn Roethlingshoefer, M.Arch, MRAIC
Stantec Architecture
Vancouver, BC
Traditional Rig Mat Wideflange Weight CrossLam® Rig Mat Weight Freight Savings
8' x 40' - 3 Beam 7000 lbs 8'x 40' - Channel 5440 29%
8' x 40' - 4 Beam 7600 lbs 8' x 40' - Wideflange 6080 25%
8' x 20' - 3 Beam 3550 lbs 8'x 20' - Channel 2720 31%

Weight Comparisons of Traditional Rig Mats vs. CrossLam® CLT Rig Mat Core

Traditional Rig Mat Wideflange Load Capacity CrossLam® Rig Mat Load Capacity Increase in Load Capacity
8' x 40' - 3 Beam 35000 lbsft2 8'x 40' - Channel 70000 lbsft2 100%
8' x 40' - 4 Beam 45000 lbsft2 8' x 40' - Wideflange 80000 lbsft2 78%
8' x 20' - 3 Beam 35000 lbsft2 8'x 20' - Channel 70000 lbsft2 100%

Strength Comparisons of Traditional Rig Mats vs. CrossLam® CLT Rig Mat