Rig Mat Cores

Engineered to be the next generation of rig mats, CrossLam® CLT rig mat cores replace the internal steel required for traditional 3-beam and 4-beam rig mats, reducing the cost of ownership. With our CrossLam® CLT technology that disperses loads in all directions, rigs can be safely “walked” on-site* when using CrossLam® CLT rig mat cores, reducing costs. As a 4-ply CrossLam® CLT rig mat can often replace a 6” conventional rig mat, additional savings can be realized in freight and cost of product. Contact Structurlam to custom order your rig mat cores.

*Note: Rig mat core loading and soil conditions must be verified by a design professional. Contact Structurlam for further information.


Structurlam Rig Mat Cores diagram


Structurlam Rig Mat Cores product dimensions