The Structurlam Advantage

Environmental Responsibility

It’s not just about protecting the environment at jobsites, that’s a given. All of our products are sustainable, engineered with inert, low VOC exterior grade polyurethane adhesives without added urea-formaldehyde, creating no impact to the environment.

We aim to mitigate the environmental impacts at every step of the manufacturing process and exceed all regulations regarding emissions and waste material. We use the residual fiber as biofuel and never stop seeking ways to incorporate environmental concerns into our product development.


We grade-select the softwood lumber that goes into our matting products to maximize their in-service performance, extending the wear surface and service life. All of which increases your return on investment and lowers your cost of ownership.


Our quality control processes and procedures are second to none. Every mat is designed to give you a predictable, dependable service life.


Our manufacturing process sets CrossLam® CLT matting solutions apart from “old school” matting fabrication. The solvent-free and formaldehyde-free polyurethane adhesive used in our proprietary press design allows CrossLam® CLT to be the most consistent engineered matting on the market today. The process and cross laminating of layers reduces wood expansion and shrinkage for stability throughout the life cycle of the mat.


Structurlam helps you stay ahead of your competition by providing a superior product. Because CrossLam® CLT lasts longer, it delivers a longer service life, lowering your cost of ownership and increasing your return on investment. Another way we help is by not competing with the services you offer to your customers. As a manufacturer of Structurlam CrossLam® CLT mats, our goal is to support your business, not to compete with it.