Crosslam® matting promotes a clean environment and minimized environmental footprint

Our mass timber products are made of renewable and sustainable material

Structurlam promotes the use of wood as a renewable and sustainable material and uses only raw material from timber harvested from certified sustainably managed timberlands.

Our products are sold globally and manufactured locally

Structurlam’s products are used across borders. We are proud to purchase lumber for our CrossLam® matting from the following Canadian suppliers; Interfor, Tolko, Canfor, Millar Western, and West Fraser.

All of these suppliers are either SFI or FSC certified. For more information on SFI programs visit their website.

We promote reduced environmental impact in the CrossLam® matting manufacturing process

Structurlam aims to mitigate the environmental impacts of our matting manufacturing process and exceed all regulations regarding waste material:

  • We utilize waste fibre as biofuel and are always looking to incorporate environmental aspects into our product development.
  • All of our matting products are produced with Lumber Purchased from SFI or FSC Certified Mills.
  • All of our products are engineered with low VOC, exterior grade adhesives which contain no added urea-formaldehyde and deemed to be inert, creating no impact to the environment.

For more information, please download the CrossLam® Environmental Product Declaration Report or Contact Us.


Structurlam’s Crosslam® matting leads to cost savings

Differentiate your company through huge freight savings with our matting

Shipping costs are significantly lower for CrossLam® matting. Let’s say you wanted to ship 1,000 access mats from Edmonton to Fort McMurray.

  • If you used oak mats which weigh 3,000 lbs/mat, your total shipping cost would be approximately $64,000.
  • If you used Fir mats which weigh 1,975 lbs/mat, your total cost would be approximately $42,000.
  • If you used CrossLam® mats which only weigh 1,150 lbs/mat, your costs would be $24,000.

Choose CrossLam® matting to cut your shipping costs by 60%!

These are savings that only compound themselves over the life-cycle of the CrossLam® access mat.

For more information, Contact Us.


Structurlam supplies more efficient, safer and cleaner matting solutions

CrossLam® matting exceeds industry standards

All of Structurlam’s products, including our CrossLam® mats, are certified to meet or exceed industry standards. We adhere to these strict standards to make the development, manufacturing and supply of our products more efficient, safer, cleaner and safeguard our customers.

We are a member of various professional associations

Being a member of the following organizations allows us to share technological advances and good management practice:

  • American Plywood Association- The Engineered Wood Association – APA completes the inspection of our plants and the testing of our glue laminated products. Through this process, APA provides Structurlam with its certifications for CSA, ANSI/AITC and JAS.
  • ANSI – American National Standards Institute – Structurlam is certified under ANSI/APA PRG 320: Standard for Manufacturing Cross Laminated Timber. Structurlam is also certified under ANSI A190.1 for Manufacturing of Structural Glue Laminated Timber.
  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association – Structurlam is certified under CSA 0177-M89 and CSA 0122-M89 through APA and monitored and inspected by APA to ensure standards are being met.
  • FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – Under FSC certification, fibre from certified forests is tracked all the way to the consumer through the chain of custody certification system. FSC certification is voluntary and Structurlam is proud to have achieved FSC status.

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