UBC Brock Commons- Tallwood House

UBC Brock Commons- Tallwood House is an innovative tall wood building at the University of British Columbia. The 18-storey student residence building provides housing to 404 students on the Vancouver campus in a mix of studio and quad units. The building stands 53 meters tall and is the tallest wood structure in the world.

The structure was constructed of cross-laminated timber floors supported on glue-laminated timber columns. The mass timber structure was completed in just 66 days. 1,302 Glulam columns and 464 CLT panels were used during the building process.

The estimated avoided and sequestered greenhouse gases from the wood used in the building is equivalent to removing 511 cars off the road for a year. The total carbon dioxide equivalent avoided by using wood products over other materials in the building is more than 2,432 metric tons. The building was designed to meet LEED Gold certification.




Karla Fraser, Senior Project Manager, Urban One, Vancouver, BC