Carbon12: Building for the Future

C12 kitchen jpg

July 19, 2018Mass Timber Champions, News

“If we can make a change into something that is sequestering carbon in the built environment, this is an enormous opportunity.”

-Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal/ Kaiser Group Inc and PATH Architecture

Located in Portland, Oregon, Carbon12 is a groundbreaking mass timber project. Currently the tallest mass timber structure in the United States, the eight-storey residential building is a boutique collection of 14 units.

Carbon12 is a glass and timber showpiece assembled from prefabricated Structurlam GlulamPlus® beams and columns, and CrossLam® CLT panels, which represent the next big evolution in the construction industry in the United States, and which have enormous positive economic and environmental potential.

To see Carbon12 come to life and learn about the incredible innovation behind Structurlam’s mass timber package, watch Carbon12: Building for the Future.  

Featuring Structurlam’s Erica Spiritos, the short documentary explains why Carbon12 is the most environmentally advanced and innovative building in the United States. 

We are proud to have been a part of such an iconic structure and look forward to continuing to be leaders in the mass timber evolution in the US and Canada.