Cross Laminated Timber is Cheaper Than Conventional Building Methods – New Research

Shoreline Medical and Dental Clinic

October 8, 2014News

The Journal of Commerce is reporting on a new study conducted by Mahlum, Walsh Construction and Coughlin Porter Lundeen Engineering that shows cross laminated timber or CLT is cheaper than conventional building methods. The study concluded that CLT is cheaper because fewer skilled labourers are needed, shorter construction times are experienced, better tolerances are found and utilization of local and sustainable materials decreases costs. The study also found CLT’s reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

“As a new, unproven material in the Pacific Northwest, this study investigates the competitiveness of CLT versus traditional materials for low high-rise buildings,” it states. The study defined “low high-rise buildings” as being taller than 75 feet but shorter than 125 feet. When compared to the base 10-storey concrete building, the CLT option offered an estimated four per cent cost saving.