Structurlam Praised for Affordability, Streamlined Construction

October 9, 2018News

Wood Business recently highlighted Structurlam’s contribution to First Tech Federal Credit Union’s new campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. Structurlam provided Crosslam CLT and glulam beams for the project. Read on for an excerpt from the article:

“Overall, the use of Structurlam-manufactured cross-laminated timber and glued-laminated beams instead of steel provided a 4 percent cost savings and four fewer months of construction.

“Additionally, Silva estimates that the First Tech building sequestered 4,192 metric tons of carbon and avoided 1,622 metric tons of greenhouse gases that would have been emitted through steel manufacturing and construction.

“The building demonstrated how methods like preplanning and offsite hole-drilling resulted in faster and safer onsite construction with less disruption to the surrounding neighborhood. All the components were delivered to site as ready-to-assemble prefabricated parts. The construction process allowed teams to work consistently from one end of the building to the other as the building took shape.”

Read the full article or check out the APA case study on First Tech Federal Credit Union.