Structurlam Temporarily Suspends Operations at  Conway, Arkansas, Plant 

January 18, 2023News

Customer contract cancellation opens new capacity to support North American mass timber market 

PENTICTON, British Columbia (Jan. 18, 2023) Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation, the leading mass timber manufacturer in North America, announced today it is temporarily suspending operations and reducing staff at its Conway, Arkansas, plant due to a customer contract cancellation.  

“Decisions like this are never easy, especially when they impact our people,” said Matthew Karmel, CEO of Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation.  

Karmel explained that since the company is no longer constrained by its exclusive production agreement, it now has the ability to support new customers with more than 1 million cubic feet annually of Glulam and CLT mass-timber products. 

“To put this into context, the state-of-the-art Conway plant has a capacity sufficient to construct a 200,000 square foot office building every two months,” he added. “We continue to work diligently to identify new solutions for putting this facility to good use, as it represents an important step in our North American growth strategy.  

“We appreciate the support of the Conway community and state and regional business partners, and we look forward to continuing to remain a vibrant part of this growing economy,” Karmel said.  

Plant Manager Jody Doak added, “We are grateful for the contributions and hard work of the Conway employees and we anticipate the prospect of welcoming them back with new customer projects.”  


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About Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation  

Structurlam is the leading North American provider of mass timber solutions for construction and industrial markets in Canada and the U.S. Its structural laminated mass timber and industrial products include CrossLam® CLT cross-laminated panels, and GlulamPLUS® glue-laminated columns and beams. Structurlam is also the first producer in North America to introduce CLT in the production of industrial ground protection matting products. Structurlam’s entire product line is built from North American sustainably harvested softwood lumber, ensuring consistent product and environmental standards. Structurlam collaborates with architects, engineers and industrial OEM customers to create fully integrated solutions that combine design, engineering, a customized project delivery experience. Established in 1962, Structurlam’s world-class reputation is built on innovation, cost-efficiency and quality. Structurlam is based in Penticton, British Columbia and has mass timber production facilities in Canada and the U.S.