UBC’s Timber Tower Starts to Rise


June 8, 2016News

There is a lot of excitement around the Brock Commons Building at UBC (aka the World’s tallest mass timber building).

For the last month, Structurlam has been busy manufacturing the building’s key components — engineered wood panels and pillars.

This week, contractors began trucking those components to Vancouver for final assembly in a just-in-time process to build a 53-metre-tall highrise that will be the world’s tallest mass-timber building. And it is garnering attention in all corners of the construction and wood-products industry.

“If you can panelize (materials) and put things together tightly like a Lego kit of parts, it can be extremely efficient,” said Nicholas Sills, a supervisor at Structurlam. “We hope this project goes up very, very fast.”

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