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October 9, 2018News

Wood Business recently highlighted Structurlam’s contribution to First Tech Federal Credit Union’s new campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. Structurlam provided Crosslam CLT and glulam beams for the project. Read on for an excerpt from the article: “Overall, the use of Structurlam-manufactured cross-laminated timber and glued-laminated beams instead of steel provided a 4 percent cost savings and …

Tall Tree Physio Lobby
Tall Tree Physio Lobby

July 27, 2015News

Beautiful 9 layer Crosslam and round glulam columns were used in this building designed by Cascadia Architects, engineered by Herold Engineering and supplied by Structurlam. This project reflects the maximum in both function and form with large spans, sweeping overhangs, and playful CNC milled skylight openings.